The Preferred Way to Build

We often use the term, “partner”, as a way of describing our relationships and with good reason. In our nearly 30 years of Design-Build experience, we have determined that the most successful projects are the ones that are established as a partnership from the beginning, built on trust and communication. With this, PBS approaches each project with a focus on developing authentic relationships in order to exceed our customer’s expectations.

We have been blessed with many great partnerships over the years on projects ranging from commercial and industrial facilities, to churches, to dental/medical boutiques. Project success begins in the early planning and development stage. From the beginning, we listen to our customer’s desires and develop a plan that will ultimately streamline the design and construction process.

As a Design-Build firm, we work as a single-source, under one agreement, with one unified flow of communication and transparency from initial concept design through construction completion. Under this method, we are able to save you significant time and money all while building a level of trust and confidence together ensuring that your project will be completed on time and within budget. Because of its many benefits, Design-Build has become a preferred alternative to the antiquated Design/Bid/Build process.

Under the latter approach, planning, design, engineering, construction management and construction services are all handled by separate entities under separate contracts with you the owner assuming responsibility for all design and engineering services. Under this method, you are guaranteeing to those “bidding” that the plans are free from error. Contractors are then providing numbers specific to a design that they have had no involvement in the preparation of and more often than not, ones that you have not been able to establish any level of relationship with. Invariably, items are missed and assumptions are made often leading to submitted project costs that are inconsistent with one another. If a contractor is selected, often throughout the project there are unaccounted for extra costs because of the initial assumptions made in the design at which point the finger pointing of responsibility begins. Under the design/build approach, there is ONE single source of responsibility.

Our desire is to help guide you through this process in a seamless and transparent manner. We’re here to help. Before you make any plans, please give us a call. PBS Companies is experienced in the planning, design and construction of many different types of facilities including a portfolio of successful commercial, industrial, municipal and church projects. For more information, please contact Dale Reiser at 920-868-2229 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We look forward to hearing from you.

Determining Your Building Method

In a previous blog post, “A Plan for Success,” we discussed the importance of thoroughly investigating your company’s building needs. Once you have a thorough understanding of what needs your building must meet, it will be easier to decide which building method will work best.

Systems Building Construction

When planning, designing with as much efficiency as possible is critical to the overall value of your building. In order to accomplish this, we work with systems building construction whereby we are able to create clear, open spans in your structure as well as incorporate multiple building heights and roof lines specific to your use. These features benefit you, the owner, by providing the most cost-effective and efficient building system for your use. The advantages of this method result in economy and flexibility. The finishes utilized are long-lasting and weather resistant. PBS Companies is experienced in all types of construction as there will be specific systems appropriate for individual needs. Our team will be able to advise you regarding the various factors that will influence the appropriate building system for you and your business.

Members of the PBS team will guide you through each stage of the planning, design and construction process as your single source of responsibility and contact in order to help you successfully complete your building project on time and within budget. For more information, please contact Dale Reiser at 920-868-2229 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We look forward to the honor of serving you.

3 Factors to Consider When Hiring a Construction Firm

If you want a successful outcome to your building project, you will need to choose the right Design/Build partner. The process of searching for, deciding upon, and hiring a design and construction firm can be a large undertaking. Who you choose is critical to your building success. Below are 3 factors you should consider when hiring a design and construction firm.

  1. Experience of the Firm in Your Industry Sector

When choosing your Design/Build partner, you want to be aware of the following points:

- Experience with similar projects

- Ability to handle the complete job

- A professional reputation – Ask how communications were during the project.

Before making your selection, be sure to visit some of the projects completed by the firm. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and check references. The success of your project will depend largely on the person or company you choose to design and build it. There are many firms who can build nice buildings. This does not mean the journey to get there did not include pain. Investigate the process and not just the visual of the finished product. Consider both explanations from owner and builder to draw any conclusions.

  1. Ability to Streamline Work of Components

Because design and construction are single source responsibilities, timelines can be significantly reduced. Design/Build is ideal for the application of “Fast Track” construction techniques. With Design/Build, material procurement and construction work can begin as the construction drawings are being finalized. The resulting time savings translates into lower costs and earlier utilization of the completed facility, often leading to quicker turn-around of revenue based on the application.

  1. Quality and Affordability of the Project

The old adage that you cannot receive quality, service and price is simply false. If you are working with a professional design/build firm, you should receive all three. You will receive quality, as they are partnered with a trusted and qualified team. Service, as this should be inherent and proven in their ability as a firm to serve their customers. And finally, price, as they are providing you with fair and real project costs by working closely together with you to design a space that is functional and predetermined to be within your budget.

Before you make any plans, talk to PBS. We are a Design/Build firm serving our clients for the last nearly 30 years. PBS is experienced in many different types of construction and has a portfolio of successful commercial, industrial, municipal and church projects.

Members of the PBS team will guide you through each stage of the process to help you successfully complete your building project. Please contact us at 920-868-2229 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


A Plan for Success

Starting with the right decisions means ending with the best results

If you want a satisfactory outcome to your building project, you will need to make the right decisions. The following reveals the first of five very important steps to your project’s success.

Getting Started

Before a blueprint is ever conceived, you must have a plan of action. There are a number of important decisions you must make, as well as several crucial details that need attention.

The following will take you through the planning process and keynote the important questions or issues you will need to address at each stage. There is also a checklist (the checklist is only available in the full version) which will help you keep track of the numerous details that are involved in the process. PBS Companies, nearing 30 years of service, has the experience and expertise to help you through this exciting, yet sometimes overwhelming process. Our desire is to help guide you through this process to keep planning more streamlined.

Step 1: Review Your Company’s Building Needs

You and your team will be living with the building decisions you ultimately make. It is imperative to thoroughly investigate what you need to do to make your new building work well for everyone.

If it’s not possible to talk with everyone in your company, then at least select key people in each department and ask for their opinions. Find out what works well in their present environment, in addition to what your employees believe is lacking. Try not to limit these discussions to only the department heads. Talk to those in the mainstream because they are certain to offer valuable insight on how your present building accommodates the day-to-day work process.

This is the point where you find out what will improve the quality of the work environment for your people. For instance, does the majority of your team bring lunches each day? If so, a lunchroom or kitchenette may be both convenient and appreciated. How many of your people commute by car each day? You will need to provide adequate secure parking.

Here are some other points to investigate:

  • Space
  • Special Requirements
  • Environmental Requirements
  • Locale Requirements
  • Operating and Maintenance Expense Considerations

Once you have a picture of what needs your building must meet, it will be easier to decide what building method will work best, which leads us to step 2.

If you’re interested in learning more, click here to receive the full, FREE version of our Planning Guide.

Glove - Bus Reflection

You’re probably thinking, what? Well, these are two words derived from two different phrases meaning essentially the same thing: “Glove Fit”, “Right Seat on the Bus”. Whether you are planning to design and build a new commercial, industrial, special use, municipal or church facility these are critical phrases when it comes to hiring the right team. They fit with your vision of accomplishing this building goal as well as are the right team player for your business, the proverbial bus.

It has unfortunately become commonplace to hear of leadership across the board in all industries reflect on the realization they hired the “wrong fit” and in hindsight for the wrong reasons. Remember the phrase, “if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”. As you consider this common realization, review the following comments made by individuals in response to their selection process. This comes with sincere reflection on each real life comment. In this context the decision maker will be referred to as the “buyer”:

1. “We are looking for someone who we feel comfortable with, can trust and will provide a fair price.”

A. If this is truly the case, why does leadership often insist on bringing in 3 “qualified” firms? Taking this approach says that we are comfortable with 3 firms, trust all 3 firms, but really want the lowest price even though we state, “it is not all about price”. This becomes the buyer’s measurable on differentiating between firms. What then is left if you feel they are qualified and know that you can trust their quality and service?

i. So take this a step do you know they are truly qualified:
Is it because you have seen other similar buildings they have designed and constructed (do you know what the process was like for the other buyer going through the building process)? You see the finished product, but what was the journey like for the other buyer? Were things missed because they “won” the bid as is often the case? If you have worked with someone before and had a good working relationship with them, why do you feel it is necessary to consider multiple parties again? Did you truly trust them? Set the apparent “protocol” aside; previous trustworthy relationships should eliminate the need for typical protocol in utilizing the same team again. It should be a black and white decision process. Trust is the cornerstone of relationships. If it is not there, call it for what it is and move on.

2. We wanted to have someone design and then bid the project out separately to multiple general contractors in lieu of having someone design and build our building as a single source. We feel this will ensure we are receiving the “best value”.

A. So you are going to take on the responsibility of hiring an architect, separate mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineer, separate site/civil engineer and then make sure that each of the various entities are all coordinating their own plans with the others as well as with the local, county and or state authorities? Once you ensure they are all working together, are you going to qualify and then “bid” out to multiple general contractors and then make sure any questions are channeled to each of the appropriate parties? Ok, say for example all of the above actually comes together; how will you guarantee that the “lowest bidder” actually has included everything. Once into the job inevitably the finger pointing begins if something was missed and in the end, you the buyer bare the final consequence as you assumed responsibility for the design and are often left with a project that ends up over budget. With this approach it is imperative that a certain level of a relationship has been developed on the front end.

3. “If someone is my single source designing and building my building, how can I guarantee I will receive the most value?”

A. First, it is important to determine what value truly means to you.

B. If you are partnering with someone who can design and build your building this will be a marriage in essence for the better part of 1 – 2 years depending on the level of project. What better way to get to know someone than spending time planning together with the same team who will be building your building. You are building trust with one another, designing a building that will meet your needs as well as fit within your budget all prior to moving into construction with a single source of communication and delivery. You partnered with them because you know they are capable of designing and building your building as you have spoken with other references as well as have seen their “product”. This approach generally will save up to 4 months compared to the design/bid/build model because you are now dealing with one single source through all the phases. Now, returning to the above reflection: you have someone who is qualified, you can trust and is designing a building that will be guaranteed within your budget. It is important to have a thorough understanding of why one would consider the risk and assume the responsibility in the aforementioned approach. Someone will always be able to state on the front end they will provide a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) for your project prior to start of design. What does this matter if you are unable to afford the what has been designed?

Remember, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. Plan well. It is a marathon and not a sprint. Your operational costs will be the greatest cost over the life of your building. Choose wisely the resource you feel will be a true partner through the process to ensure you are developing the best long term and most efficient tool for your intended use.

If you have a need and have thought about planning for the design, renovation and/or construction of a new facility and would like a free consultation please contact PBS at 920.868.2229 or visit us at