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As we stated in our April 2015 newsletter, understanding the differences in construction delivery methods will benefit you in the planning of your project.

In Faith Building, we give practical tools for a successful project that promotes unity, quality and keeping your ministry focused. Here is an excerpt from Faith Building:

IN THE BEGINNING, the most frequently asked question by building and leadership teams tasked with building a project is: How do we start the process?

Construction delivery is a subject that most people struggle to understand. This stands to reason as most people are not involved in designing or constructing buildings. This is a logical place to begin our discussion as you contemplate the multiple tasks involved in building a new facility or expanding an existing one.

Certainly there are steps that must be taken before the delivery process starts, such as planning and design, but a full understanding of the construction delivery methods is vital when making the decision of which method to use.

We would love to talk with you about specific construction delivery methods. You can read in much more detail by purchasing Faith Building. To order your copy click here or give us a call at 855-672-4010.

Building of the Year Award

Peninsula Building Systems (PBS) of Sturgeon Bay was awarded Building of the Year in the Commercial Building under 5,000 sq. ft. Category.

At the Wick Buildings National Sales Meeting held at Chula Visa Resort and Conference Center, PBS received the distinguished award for the design and construction of the U.S. Coast Guard Mobile Bay Accessory Building located on the water between Sawyer Park and the Maple Street Bridge in Sturgeon Bay.

Wick Buildings has in previous years honored PBS for the design and construction of several other buildings in Door and Kewaunee Counties including Country View Farms Maple Syrup production facility, Wood Orchard Market and Door Landscape all in the Town of Egg Harbor and the Agricultural Heritage and Cultural Center in Kewaunee.

Cloud View

Cloud View

We have a few sayings in our business when referring to the review of design plans. We commonly refer to a certain perspective when looking at the plans as a plan view or "cloud" view. This is a broad view spanning the entirety of the overall building as if your viewpoint is looking down on the building from the clouds. I encountered a unique perspective the other day as I was truly above the clouds flying north to our neighboring country. While a brief portion of this trip was spent flying over the blue waters of Lake Michigan and shortly thereafter along the brim of Lake Ontario; the majority of our trip was spent seemingly coasting above the expansive and full-bodied white clouds of the sky.

This was a great visual for thought in describing how each of us as individuals can often approach planning. We will often find ourselves lost in the clouds with our thoughts and not "grounded" with focus. These thoughts can quickly envelop us in our monumental charge to accomplish our various goals. This leads to our allowing the desire for the immediate solution to overcome the necessity of a well-planned project. When we remain above the clouds we observe a sight for what seems to go on forever with what appears to be little tangible detail. Until we descend below the cover of the clouds with an open view of the ground below can we truly see the many details that exist.

Similarly, unless we allow ourselves to take the time to descend a bit from our own desire for immediate resolve and often impractical expectations are we able to see all the detail that is necessary in the thorough preparation and planning for a well thought out project solution.