Church Design Builder

With PBS as your Design Build Team, you partner from day one with PBS and Key leaders and members of your ministry teams. During the design process your priorities and budget will be implemented with guidance from the experienced PBS team. Utilizing this team model, you will know both design and contract costs early on in the process. Through careful planning and a thorough design process, your leadership team and PBS you will together move through financing, permitting and turnkey construction.

Copper Creek Church

Function: Multipurpose Worship, Children’s Education Facility

Features: New 18,000 square foot multipurpose worship / children’s education facility including complete new Site Development. This new facility will include a state of the art worship venue inclusive of complete Audio / Visual / Lighting and Acoustics, large gathering area, administrative offices and a large multi-purpose children’s education wing including a new indoor play center.

Square Footage: 18,000 sq. ft.

The Adventure Church

Function: Multi-purpose youth, café and flex space

Features: Design and construction for approximately 9,500 square feet of newly renovated and multi-purpose youth, café and flex space. 

Square Footage: Expansion: 9,500 sq. ft. 

Adventure Int 2 web Adventure Int 4 web Adventure Int 8 web

New Covenant Church

Function: Renovation

Features: Removal of wing walls at each side of stage to increase viewing angles and add more room to stage. This included re-supporting the existing drywall arch over the stage. Removal of dated pulpits. Added stage lighting. Installation of oak hardwood flooring. New stage face with decorative moldings implemented. Added two new stairways at both sides of the stage and added a removable center aisle stair.

New Covenant Secondary 2 New Covenant Secondary 1 New Covenant Secondary 3b

SouthField Church - Phase II

Function: Church Renovation / Expansion

Features: This new multipurpose building expansion includes a youth space, restrooms, concessions and expanded parking area.

Square Footage: 6,510 sq. ft. (expansion)

SouthField Interior 2 SouthField Interior 3 SouthField Interior 1